The temperature measuring module allows EASY CHECK to perform a fast and accurate body temperature measurement. When the user body temperature is above normal (___°C) EASY CHECK will trigger an alarm or send a push notification to the person in charge of access control. Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.3°C.


EASY-CHECK can be used to “flag” a user who isn’t wearing the protective covering. The user will be invited to wear a mask to gain access to the premises.


EASY-CHECK relays on the latest face recognition algorithms enabling the unit to recognize a face even when the user is wearing a mask. The powerful embedded camera featuring EASY-CHECK reads the facial characteristics that are not covered by the mask (like the eyes, the eyebrows and the uncovered part of the nasal bridge) and identifies the user. Any user will be able to keep his masks on at all times while still gaining access to the premises. Face recognition accuracy: 99,7%..


EASY-CHECK can be connected to Ossia CMS v1.2.1 and managed directly by CMS:

• Basic device configuration

• Device database management

• Face detection / recognition
Wiegand protocol
EASY-CHECK can be connected to Ossia CMS v1.2.1 and managed directly by CMS: Easy-check supports standalone Wiegand readers that allow the user to exit using a card. Alternatively, a simple “Exit Request” button can be used.

EASY-CHECK can be installed in hospitals, schools, buses, government facilities, private companies, hotel’s lobbies and any other place that requires risk prevention measures.


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EASY-CHECK Provision-ISR contactless testing unit

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