What’s JumpsPower™ - AMG24?

It is an ultra light weight device with multi-function as…

12/24V Jump starter – to Jump Start a dead battery of Truck, Motorcycle, Boat, Jet Ski, ATV and Lawn Mower just in seconds. It can jump start the vehicle battery 10 times on a full charge.

Power Bank – to charge portable electronic devices, such as mobile Smartphones, tablets, portable gaming system, digital cameras, camcorders, Bluetooth headsets, portable GPS devices, and any other DC 5V powered electronic devices. It only takes 1-hour for a smart phone to be fully charged.

LED Light – to use as a torch with the built-in LED torch light function


. 100% Australia Owned and Operates

· World’s smallest and thinnest design; only 1.6KG; 10 times lighter than traditional jumpstarter

· It’s a Jump starter – quickly jump starts a dead battery of 12V/24V Petrol/Diesel vehicle just in seconds

· It’s a Power Bank – quickly charge for all brands of portable electronic devices

· Only takes 1-hour for a smart phone to be fully charged

· It’s a torch, with a built-in LED emergency light

· High Capacity Lithium Ion battery power pack: 22000mAh

· Use of Japanese Chipset, battery standby time can reach >2000 hrs*

· Battery Life Cycle: 500+

· Dual Input Charging System: USB 2A/Car adaptor

· Dual Reverse Polarity Protection and over-charge/over-discharge protection



Size   240*210*58mm


Output:   5V    2A; 12V/24V Jump start

Input 14V    1A(AC&DC adapter included)

Battery Capacity  22200 mAh

Jump start current 12V (300-600A); 24V (400-800A)

Operating temperature :   -20~60

Recommended Vehicle Engine Displacements for Jump Starting:

12V vehicle: Up to 12-cylinder petrol vehicles-7.0 displacement(7000cc or below)

Up to 12-cylinder diesel vehicles-7.0 displacement (7000cc or below)

24V vehicle: Up to 24 tonnes Truck


1. Before jump starting the vehicle, please check below carefully.

u  Make sure the12V / 24V Switchis set on the right voltage mode:12V Mode for 12V vehicle while24V Modefor 24V vehicle.

u  Make sure the battery level of JumpsPower™ is above 60% (At least 3 indicator lights stay ON).

2. Connect the jumper cable to the drained battery of the vehicle. Connect RED clamp to the positive “+” terminal and BLACK clamp to the negative “-” terminal.


u  If both 12V Indicator& 24V Indicator are flashing rapidly, means incorrect connection of the jumper cable clamps and battery terminals, reverse polarity protection will be in place to cut the power. Please check and reconnect it.

u  Many vehicles feature alternate starting points, away from the Battery. Always use the alternate starting points wheneveravailable.

3. If 12V Indicatoris ON, it's ready to jump start 12V vehicle. To jump start a 24V vehicle, please press down the BOOST Buttonfor 2-3 seconds until the24V Indicatoris ON, it's ready to jump start.

4. Now attempt to crank start the engine(REMOVE THE CRANK). If engine does not start, wait at least 10 seconds beforeattempting to start the engine again.

5. After jump starting, disconnect the BLACK NEG (–) clamp first, then disconnect the RED POS (+) clamp.

engine running.

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JumpsPower AMG24 Powersports Battery 12/24V Truck Jump Starter With Ingenious Spark-proof clamp

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